Rules & Regulations

    1. Tipu Shaheed School and college has a very strict disciplinary code. All the students are expected to comply with these rules in letter and spirit.
    2. All of the students must display morality, respect for others, personal honour, good behavior with their fellow students and other fellow beings, both in and outside the school/college premises.
    3. Students are required to be regular and punctual in attendance and studies.
    4. A student having less than 75% of the total attendance is liable to be disqualified from appearing in the final examination.
    5. Students should reach the school/college premises before the first morning bell goes.
    6. Students must come to the school/college neat, tidy, with proper hair cut and dressed in proper uniform of the school/college.
    7. No student may leave the school/college premises during the working hours without the written permission of the chief proctor/section head. The institution takes no responsibility for the students who leave the school/college during the working hours without the permission of the chief proctor/section head.
    8. Any visitor desiring to meet a student during the working hours is required to seek permission form the Chief proctor/Section head.
    9. Leave in prior may be granted only due to some unavoidable reasons. In such cases an application duly signed by the parents/guardians of the students concerned must be submitted to the chief proctor/section head before the school/college starts functioning for the day.
    10. Students remaining absent from the school/college without having been granted leave are required to pay Rs. 10/= to Rs.50/= per day as absence fine.
    11. Students having been marked absent in any examination may be fined heavily and are also liable to be expelled from the school/college.
    12. Students having been remained absent for six consecutive day are struck off the school/college rolls.
    13. The disciplinary committee of the school/college is responsible and authorized to take cognizance of the acts of the students which they have committed in violation of any of the rules embodied in this prospectus or of any rules which may be adopted in future.
    14. Students found guilty of having committed any of the following acts are liable to be expelled from the school/college besides imposition of the fine according to the decision of the disciplinary committee.

    i:          Stealing, willfully and deliberately damaging the school/college property

    ii:         Cheating or using any unfair means in any examination

    iii:        Shouting, abusing, quarreling, fighting, misbehaving with teachers, using indecent language or committing any immoral act

    iv:        Smoking or using any intoxicant or narcotic substance

    v:         Grave misconduct in or outside the school/college/hostel premises or

    vi:        Any offence which the disciplinary committee deems detrimental to the best interests, goof reputation and prestige of the institution.

    15.Students are not allowed to drive their own vehicles/cars to the school/college

    16.Students are not allowed to bring mobile/cell phones to the institution

    The decision of the disciplinary committee pertaining to any above cases shall be final and will not be challenged on any court of law



                The personal file of each student is maintained by the institution in which all their acts and omissions are recorded regularly. The purpose of the file is to take help of it for preparing the annual assessment report of the students.